Boogie in the Park 2018 – reported –

“Boogie in the Park 2018 Concert Series in Kure kicks off this weekend: Boogie in the Park 2018 summer concert series kicks off this Sunday, May 20, with Signal Fire in Kure Beach”

New Book! ‘Kure Beach’ (Images of America)

A new book on Kure Beach in the ‘Images of America’ was published this month by Arcadia Publishing.  The author, Brenda Fry Coffey, has lived at Kure Beach since 1943…

“and is personally acquainted with most of the people mentioned in this history. She currently serves on the board of the Federal Point Historic Preservation Society. The vintage images were generously shared by both longtime and new residents.”

An excerpt of the book says:

“Kure Beach derived its name from a Danish immigrant named Hans Anderson Kure Sr. He began acquiring land in the area in 1891, and by 1900, he had purchased 900 acres just south of Carolina Beach to Fort Fisher. ”  (source: Amazon)

The book is loaded with lots of fascinating facts about the first wooden fishing pier in America, one of the earliest surfboard companies, Cape Fear Indians, pirates, lighthouses and much more! posted a review of the book – ” ‘Kure Beach’: The picture of fun in the sun”